The law firm, which was founded in Antalya in 1993, is active on an international platform. Over the years, the firm has successfully accompanied projects, deepened its knowledge and legal skills and let its clients participate in this success.

In addition to our lawyers who work in our law firm, our correspondence law firms abroad, as well as trademark and patent law firms, customs agents, tax advisory firms, were available to our Turkish clients with advice and action.

Our law firm operates both in Turkey and abroad. We have the ability to track and process the orders of our Turkish clientele abroad, but also the orders of our foreign clientele in Turkey. We offer our services in both directions.

For this reason, international services are offered in our customers’ native languages ​​in our office. Oral and written translation services are provided in Turkish, German, English, Russian, Spanish, French and other languages ​​by translators in our office or external offices with which we work

As can be seen in detail in the section “Our areas of activity” on our website, our office offers its services not only in the areas of international commercial law, trademark, patent, design and copyright law; Instead, it expands its services in the areas of immigration law, debt enforcement abroad and domestic debt collection of international claims, establishment of companies with foreign capital to business and employment services abroad and also covers the area of ​​so-called exceptional and rare services.

One of the most important and privileged services of our law firm is that it has the opportunity and privilege to provide legal assistance and advice to our foreign clients or clients with legal  protection insurance by conducting the correspondence with the appropriate insurance company, without charging the insured person any fees and expenses or legal fees

Our goal is to provide high quality domestic service to our clientele, which consists of Turkish and foreign nationals and corporate customers, both in Turkey and abroad. For this reason, our office employs people who speak Turkish, German, English, Spanish and Russian very well. A team has been formed that specializes in the respective business areas in which we operate.

Our customers and clients also have the privilege of receiving all types of information and documents (e.g., applications, court decisions, contracts, powers of attorney, reports, etc.) in writing in their own language relating to the services they are providing our office.