Our company was founded in 1993 / Antalya. For the comprehensive protection of the rights and interests of our clients and customers – individuals as well as companies and official institutions – we are expert as Law Office and in the field of commercial ownership rights like trademark, patent and industrial design rights. Besides we offer to those of our foreign clients, who are in the possession of legal protection insurance, the special possibility to render legal help and consulting without charging any fees or costs by conducting the correspondence with the respective insurance company and having the costs, charges and representation fees directly forwarded to us. In this scope not only the lawyers employed by our office are active, but we also co-operate closely with foreign law and tax offices.

Since with our law, consulting and counselling services we are located in an international context we communicate with our clients and customers in their respective mother language and secure for them the privilege to receive every information and every document (e.g. lawsuit requests, court decisions, contracts, powers of attorney, reports etc.) also translated in their mother language. In doing so our goal is to provide to the foreign nationals and/or companies amongst our clients with trustworthy and reliable assistance so that they can feel secure and at home in Turkey. Next to the Turkish colleagues in our office we also provide German, English, Spanish and Russian interpreters and translators who are highly qualified in each of our areas of activity.