Ali Fuat Özbakır (LLM..)


Trademark and patent attorney

                                    (German, Turkish)

Born in Burdur in 1969. Graduated from Ankara Law Faculty in 1992. After completing his basic training, he completed his legal internship and has been working as a freelance lawyer in Antalya since 1993. In 1997 he founded the law firm Özbakır & Dağyar.

He began his master’s thesis in the field of private law at the Kadir Has University in the Institute for Social Sciences and completed it in the field of computer science and internet law, international commercial and private law. He is currently doing his second master’s degree at the Anadolu University in the field of management information systems. He has offices in Antalya and Germany.

He is an expert in computer science, internet and technology law as well as international private and commercial law. He knows the legal rules of the European Union very well. Ali Fuat Özbakır is also a trademark and patent attorney, mediator and expert who has the ability and experience to conduct legal studies and services in German, English, Russian and French. He has German and Turkish citizenship.

He is the author of law books in Turkish and English, as well as the Turkish Commercial Code, Guidelines on Real estate Investment in Turkey for Foreigners, Industrial Property Law . He continues his legal advice and academic work in the field of Internet and IT law and in particular in the field of the law on the protection of personal data

Special areas:

  • Commercial and corporate law (international trade and contracts, company formation with foreign capital, customs and free trade zones, import and export, foreign investments, foreign capital, etc.)
  • IT and internet law (law on the protection of personal data, internet domains, legal liability in social media and on the internet, cyber security law)
  • Trademark and patent law (trademark, patent, utility model and industrial design registrations, transfer transactions, license agreements, etc.)
  • Enforcement – insolvency and concordat law (debt collection, tendering transactions, corporate insolvency, debt management, etc.)
  • Real estate and construction law (real estate investments, property acquisition from foreigners, construction investments, project management, zoning and cadastral applications, real estate mortgages, etc.)
  • Private international law, immigration and citizenship law (inheritance, marriage, divorce, residence, work, business permit, naturalization and citizenship procedures, etc.)
  • Compensation and liability law (private insurance law, traffic accidents, work accidents, compensation, enrichment without reason, compensation due to tort and contracts, rights and claims, etc.)

Interested especially in:

  • European law
  • Criminal and administrative law

Ferah Özbakır

International Consultant and Translator

(German, Turkish, English, Spanish, Latin)


Born in Antalya in 1968. . Without being able to finish primary school in Turkey, she went to Germany for family reasons. There she completed secondary, college and university education in Germany.

After graduating from the commercial college in Germany, she studied European economics at the University of Hagen. After completing her training, she worked for five years as a group leader at a famous German insurance company.

She is very good at speaking and writing in German, English and Turkish. She assed the German business interpreter exam at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry with distinction.

She continues to work as a consultant for foreigners and companies in the areas of tourism, trade, real estate and industrial investments and related projects, business start-ups with foreign capital, export-import law, and German and Turkish insurance law.

Ferah Özbakır, who speaks German, English and Turkish as well as Italian and Spanish, is still licensed as an officially sworn translator in Turkey for official offices such as notaries, courts and land registries.

She is the author of law books in Turkish and English, as well as the Turkish Commercial Code, Guidelines on Real Estate Investment in Turkey for Foreigners, the Industrial Property Law .


Seçil Sayın Elmas

İstanbul Barosu 36037
Türkçe, İngilizce


1979 yılında Niğde’de doğmuştur. İlk, orta ve lise öğrenimini tamamladıktan sonra İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi’nden 2006 yılında mezun olmuştur. Stajını tamamladıktan sonra, İstanbul’da iki yıl kadar süre için birkaç Avukatlık Ofisi ile beraber mesleğini yürüten Seçil Sayın Elmas 2007 yılında İstanbul Şişli’de Sayın Avukatlık Bürosu’nu kurmuş ve   Özbakır & Dağyar Avukatlık Ofisi ile birlikte  işbirliği / çözüm ortaklığını oluşturmuştur. Türkiye genelinde birçok hukuki projeyi Av. Ali Fuat Özbakır ile birlikte yürütmeye devam etmektedir.

Rengin Dağyar  


(Turkish, English)

She was born in Antalya in 1991. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Gediz University in 2015. After her basic training, she completed the legal internship and has been working as a freelance lawyer in Antalya since 2016. She joined Özbakır & Dağyar law firm in 2017. She completed her second training at Anadolu University in the field of securities and capital markets. She deals with criminal, family, private and commercial law. She knows the legal rules of the European Union very well.

 Interested especially in:

  • Criminal law (crimes and criminal practices, smuggling especially of historical objects, etc.)
  • Labor and social security law (service contracts, accidents at work, retirement, compensation, etc.)
  • Family and inheritance law (marriage, divorce, civil status transactions, shares in inheritance, wills, inheritance cases, etc.)
  • Enforcement insolvency and concordat law (debt collection, enforcement transactions, tendering law, corporate insolvency, concordat transactions, etc.)

Interested in

  • European law
  • administrative law
  • Tax law

Merve Erdoğan

Office assistent

(German, Turkish, English )

1997 born in Germany. After completing primary and secondary school, she successfully completed the Hubertus Schwartz professional school in Soest. Since 2017 she has been employed as an office assistant in the law firm Özbakır & Dağyar.